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MoTo Adventures A Whale Song

MoTo Adventures is the serialized adventure of three children, a cat, and an armored blue whale who runaway from Pirates. KALE (12), IZ (13), PICK (11) and SPARTA (cat) are on a quest to return MoTo to his Pod.

Cycle 01/04 - 10 x 22 Minute Animated
Children | Animation | Adventure

MoTo is the largest of the Fighting Blues, an elite battle-pod of whales outfitted as both airships and submersibles, capable of inter-dimensional travel, black market trade, and war. The Pirate King THAEDRUS, has used the Fighting Blues to link smuggling routes across multiple dimensions and now aspires to use them to forge an empire.

MoTo, Sparta, and the children evade bounty hunters, pirates, kraken, sirens and other mythic creatures of the deep while they learn to live together, to operate and provide for each other in world where they are outlaws.


It is not easy, but this kind of freedom is a taste so few children truly experience. Kale, Iz, and Pick live it, love it, and change the world through it.

MoTo Adventures is set in a world where pirates smuggle goods, slaves, and services between dimensions, where a profitable black market has turned into power under the rule of Thaedrus, a pirate king with an unquenchable thirst for power.

To free MoTo and his pod, Kale, Iz and Pick will have to tear the world of Thaedrus down.

MoTo Adventures is about heroes who learn must survive long enough to get a chance to free imprisoned loved ones, and unite MoTo with whales that have been turned into living generators for a portal between worlds.

MoTo Adventures is a swashbuckling tale about children, alone in the world, who emerge from the complicity of their parents to face adversity and monsters and they don’t give up and they have a great time on the way.

This binge-worthy tale shows how the inspired choices of three children change the world.



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