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MoTo Adventures is a series swashbuckled tales set upon steampunk high seas in an era of Zeppelins, Pirates, Privateers, and Parallel Worlds. Three children, are on the run from a Pirate King angered by the loss of his greatest prize, MoTo, a giant blue whale, outfitted with armour, a luxurious submersible cabin, and a flying machine.

52 x 22 Minute Animated
Children | Steampunk | Action

MoTo is the largest of the Fighting Blues, an elite battle pod of whales outfitted for interdimensional travel, flight and war. The Fighting Blues are the primary weapon developed by the Pirate King Thaedrus, who seeks to expand and legitimize his power through the colonization of an empire that spans multiple dimensions.

MoTo Adventures follow MoTo and his 3 companions, Kale (12), IZ (13), and Pick (11). To survive as fugitives, they must escape bounty hunters, pirates, megalodons, kraken, sirens and other mythic creatures of the deep. To free their imprisoned loved ones, and rescue whales turned into living generators that power a portal between multiple worlds, they must overturn a king.

Thaedrus built his Empire upon black the market commerce made possible by interdimensional travel. The MoTo Adventures is a story that explores the events that led to the rise of an evil king through the journey of the children who stand against him.

Kale, mischievous, vain, but fiercely loyal becomes a general who mobilizes an uprising. Iz an artist, quick to anger, learns to listen for and sing the song that can lead whales between dimensions. Pick, a timid translator, becomes the warrior shaman whose voice in the dreamworld connects whales over vast distances.

MoTo Adventures is a story with dark subject matter. It is about the relationships that people who live in dark, dangerous times forge with the world that surrounds them. At times it is not pretty. MoTo Adventures dives optimistically into the the depths of this fear and shows how the laughter, lightness and the inspired choices of children can change the world.



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