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Celebrating 10 great years making cartoons in Saskatoon!!

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Director: Tim Tyler
Screenplay: Jeff Martel
Producer: Tim Tyler
Exec. Producers: Chris Bartleman & Blair Peters
Distributor: DECODE Ent.
Broadcasters: TELETOON, M-NET

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Only weeks before Christmas thirteen year old JASON SHANKS discovers that his father's eccentric Side Show has hit rock bottom.   When banker JANE DRYSDALE calls the Side Show's loan, Jason's father, SANDWELL SHANKS, decides to recruit a new headline act to bring in the crowds.   At odds with his father, Jason suggests they work with the acts they already haveā€¦. but father knows best.

When Sandwell's search ends in failure, Drysdale arrives with a solution: recruit Santa Clause, a unique headliner sure to bring massive crowds.   Unfortunately St. Nick proves unwilling, but a quick hypnotism by MARVIN, one of the acts and Santa instantly changes careers.

The Santa Clause Forever Show makes Sandwell and his side show a huge success, but brings other problems.   With Santa out of the way, Drysdale embarks on a campaign to re-brand Christmas and create her own replacement for Santa while Jason squares off against his father.   With Santa getting all of the attention from his adoring fans, the original acts plan to go on strike.   Jason must get Santa back in his sleigh, save the Most Unbelievable Show on Earth and reconcile with his dad and the side show performers: they are, after all, the only family they've all got.

Genre: Family / Animation / Adventure / Christmas

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