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Celebrating 10 great years making cartoons in Saskatoon!!


Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. is passionate about creating animated entertainment for kids and people who just won’t stop acting like them. We put the ‘toon in Saskatoon.

Our mission is to entertain and inspire children through the creation of seasonal and pre-school branded entertainment properties with classic themes, unique twists, and friendly design.

Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. specializes in animation management and production services for the development and creation of animated content for Broadcast Television and Interactive Media.

Incorporated in 2000 by Tim Tyler, a Producer & Director with a hands-on approach to animation development and production processes, CSAI combines commercial work, service animation and interactive production with broadcaster focused development and production of animated entertainment properties.

Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. got its start producing the flash animated short films Postcards from the Other Side of the Apocalypse I & II in 1999-2000. These films lead to numerous opportunities including the production of Solutions Unlimited (2000) a Sci-Fantasy webcartoon and other short films including Seelenheil (2007).


Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. provided animation services to to Waterfront Pictures family classic A Fairy Tale Christmas (2005).


Most recently Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. developed and produced The Side Show Christmas (2008), broadcast on TELETOON and M-Net.


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