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Flight of the Christmas Penguins

Sail, an intrepid penguin, journeys to the North Pole to learn the secret of flight from Santa and his reindeer.   Along the way he must foil SKY PIRATES, three bumbling elves-gone-wrong, bent on destroying Christmas.

1 x 70 Minute Animated
Family / Adventure / Christmas

It's like: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer meets Happy Feet.

Sail is an optimistic penguin, who dreams of flight.  His only friend, Blizzy, reveals his secret to other penguins humiliating Sail, who then sets out to ask Santa for his Christmas wish to fly.

Blizzy and her friends try to bring Sail home, finding him stowed away in a crate of Christmas letters. The plane takes wing to the North Pole, penguins trapped inside and on the way is hijacked by Sky Pirates after Santa's mail.

Sail gets away and returns the letters to Santa. Although Sail is rewarded with his wish, the Sky Pirates strike back stealing the reindeer. Sail shares his gift of flight with the other penguins, together they pull Santa's sleigh in a final showdown to save Christmas!


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contact: Tim Tyler – Producer   

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