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Celebrating 10 great years making cartoons in Saskatoon!!

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Producers: Tim Tyler, Mike Birkland & Mark Birkland
Screenplay: Jeff Martel
DOP: Peter Christiansen
Developed with: Kids CBC, SCN

Format Rights Available for territories outside of Canada.

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Meet Canada , she is bright, green, perky, and shaped like the map of… That's right, you guessed it, CANADA! What's more, Canada is not just a map of Canada, she is Canada!

Go Canada… what is it?

Go Canada is an animation/live action documentary series for 2 – 6 year old children starring Canada : an inspired, animated map of our favorite country.   Inspired by kids, her audience, Canada travels the nation discovering and exploring entertaining, educational and cool stories about iconic elements of Canadian geography, locations and life. Canada is possessed by an insatiable curiosity for the country where she lives.   As the host, Canada , leads the adventure, but she learns alongside the children viewing the show as she discovers, explores and experiences special places within the Canadian Community.


Genre: Pre-School / Animation / Documentary

Pilot Episode

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