Adventures of MoTo is an animated adventure about three children, a cat, and an armored blue whale who are on the run from Pirates. KALE (14), IZ (13), PICK (12) and SPARTA (cat) are on a quest to return the whale MoTo to his Pod and in the process create great upheaval in the world around them..


MoTo is the largest of the Fighting Blues , an elite battle-pod of whales outfitted as both airships and submersibles, the ultimate weapons of piracy. The Pirate King THAEDRUS , has used the Fighting Blues to develop black market commerce and wage war through dimensional portals made possible by modulating the songs of whales. A profit has been created and whales are the workhorses which grow it

Moto and the children evade bounty hunters, pirates, kraken, sirens, megalodons, and other mythic creatures of the deep while they learn to live together, to operate and provide for a Battle Whale. They become a spark for change in a world where piracy is the norm and children are the outlaws.

Children, alone in the world, emerge from the complicity of their parents to face adversity; monsters, human and worse. They don’t give up and have a great time on the way. In Adventure of Moto , bold and inspired choices by children change the world

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