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In the year 2154, the remnants of civilization are scattered across the globe as a result of a worldwide oil production crisis, global warming, warfare, and a deadly pandemic.


FINN is a reluctant security agent for SINTO, a post apocalyptic city state, who through a single act of compassion, begins a journey of transformation into the HERO of an ancient prophesy.

Eve Of Infinity is a serialized 13 x 22’ sci-fi action drama that follows Finn as she is introduced to a world on the outside of Sinto, a world that is being reborn under the stewardship of a CREE tribe. As the tribe begins to trust Finn, they teach her of a prophecy: a time of peace that will follow great upheaval and disaster. An extraction team attacks the village recapturing Finn and taking the children of the tribe.

Finn tries to return to her life with Sinto, but is haunted. She discovers that children were kidnapped and their DNA will be harvested for reproduction to insure Sinto’s survival.

Driven to action, Finn attempts a rescue, but only manages to escape. She learns that she was born as a result of DNA stolen from children of the Cree more than twenty years ago. Finn must help the tribe infiltrate Sinto to hack the computers, find, and rescue the children.

Faced with an opportunity for VENGANCE, Finn decides instead to leave the city intact. Guided by prophesy and hope for tomorrow, Finn chooses a NEW PATH: PEACE.

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