Penguins learn the secret of flight from Santa to foil SKY PIRATES, miss-understood elves-gone-wrong, with a mind to destroy Christmas.

Christmas | Family | Adventure


SAIL is an optimistic penguin, who dreams of flight.  Sail is humiliated by his only friend, BLIZZ, when she reveals his secret dream to the other penguins. Sail sets out to on a quest to ask Santa for his Christmas wish to fly.

Blizz and her penguin friends try to bring Sail home, finding him stowed away onboard a plane with a crate of Christmas letters. The plane takes wing to the North Pole, penguins trapped inside, and on the way is hijacked by Sky Pirates stealing Santa’s mail.

The penguins escape and return the letters to Santa. Sail is rewarded with flight, but the Sky Pirates strike back stealing all the reindeer. Sail teaches the other penguins to fly and, together they pull Santa’s sleigh to a final showdown that saves Christmas!

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