­­An animated series in a style where vinyl toys come to life on handmade backgrounds, A SIDE SHOW COSMIC ADVENTURE is an out-of-this-world story with alien spaceships, talking rocks, sentient plants, cyborg assassins, shapeshifters and family. In these times of heightened stress and anxiety, ‘A SIDE SHOW COSMIC ADVENTURE’ could not come at a more opportune time. The best part of life is when your family becomes friends and when your friends become family, no matter their lifeform.


A troupe of performers are whisked to the far side of the galaxy. On the journey back to earth, they put on their show to intergalactic houses, make new friendships, and have run-ins with Webb, a megalomaniac ruler with a plan for the Universe.

This series is an interstellar reboot of the Side Show Christmas for modern children through the stories of Jason, Beth and their wonderfully diverse carnival family. It targets 8-10 year old’s with a ‘Hitch Hikers Guide’ satirical take that pokes fun at sci-fi traditions and our own cultural notions of ‘normalcy’. Imagine the ‘Addams Family’ on a caravan tour of a galaxy far, far away. This comedic trek boldly tickles funny bones and reveals just how cool life is when you explore the galaxy… even if it is with your family.

A Side Show Cosmic Adventure is a spectacle of imagination, humour, emotional levity and cosmic challenges. Adventures on the way include diving into the ultimate water park resort planet known as Aguaprime, convincing the robots of Opto to allow safe passage through their network of fire and ice. Through time and space distortions, black holes, micro universes within worlds, and other yet untold celestial wonders await. Allies and foes will be made, as 13-year-old best friends, Jason and Beth, along with their performing family will be challenged emotionally and physically as they share their spectacular show with the Universe and help those in need as they search for a way back home.

The series has a surrealistic sensibility, but at the core there is a feisty childlike persistence of all the characters as they cope with situations and problem solve as only they can. The troupe is a loveable family of disparate mischiefs from all over Earth, a magician, a strongman, a rubber girl, a marksman and clown, each with a unique story and voice. They ultimately hold on to the conviction that with courage and working together there are no limits. Their diversity, in family and in the friends made along the way, is their strength, and they will need it to evade the relentless pursuing forces of Webb, who becomes ever more obsessed with their capture as the Side Show’s actions and growing stardom jeopardises his grip on power.

This is a universal tale of being transported to a magical land. Wither Alice, Dorothy, Harry, Luke, or the continuing voyages of discovery of the star ship Enterprise and its diverse crew, so too will Jason, Beth and the troupe follow in this tradition. Fearless portrayals of Jason, Beth, and their traveling companions as they navigate through the alternately dark and illuminatingly grand corner of the galaxy in their quest to return home. With inclusive themes with equally diverse characters, human and other, A Side Show Cosmic Adventure is pure escapism while addressing in a fantasy, sci-fi environment social and personal everyday issues faced by kids in 2022 right here on Earth.

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