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Becca loves problem solving in her lively fix-it shop for Solderfield's robot residents. She and her diagnostic dogbot Bubo, and Link, a telebot, uncross wires and oil the squeaks as they learn valuable lessons about friendship and community.

52 x 2 Minutes
Preschool / Animation / Live Action

Solderfied, largest producer of spool-wire in Robotopia, has been blessed with an extraordinary robot-citizen: Becca. She understands that every member of the community has a special purpose, and that everybody needs a little TLC. She keeps the quirky citizens of Solderfield happy and running tickety-boo.

BotShop is alive with characters who help Becca with her job. Becca doesn't have all the answers. She'll sort it out with help from Bubo, the diagnostic dogbot to indentify the problem, and Link to put her in contact with friends who have special skills.

Friends include a video feed of the Kid Council who provide insights and hilarious comments. These kids and the robots who pop by BotShop shed light on issues at hand, and make BotShop as funny as it is instructive.

Children can explore the BotShop website. They get to know Solderfield, and its citizens, through interactive experiences with paper craft downloads, games and virtual reality.


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contact: Tim Tyler – Producer   

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