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RoBOTiKBecca loves problem solving in her lively fix-it shop for MoBo's roBOT residents. Each episode Becca and her dogbot Bubo find a perfect fix and help a roBOT friend transform.

52 x 2 Minutes
Preschool / Animation / Live Action - Delivery 2019

The robots of MoBo have a one stop fit-it shop… RoBotik. Here, the young ambitious robot Becca tackles her neighbors’ dilemmas. She is not all work though… Becca has as much enthusiasm for her dogbot, Bubo, as she does her work. Bubo is her best friend and they love to play. When Becca isn’t swapping parts and solving problems, she is goofing around with Bubo.

Bubo’s is always fun. Sometimes he even finds the solution everyone is looking for…

Even if he doesn’t mean to.

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