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A 52 x 11 minute pre-school animated series
Created By: Tim Tyler

Billy is The Littlest Bridge Troll, who's eager to live up to the Troll motto: Be helpful, happy, and honest. Unfortunately something always seems to go wrong when Billy and his friends lend a hand.

Meet Billy, the littlest bridge troll.   Billy loves to learn new ways to help his neighbors, and family. From walking a puppy to shoveling snow he's in the thick of the action with his best friends Jet and Sky. You never can tell what might go wrong when a troll, unicorn, and pixie help out, but, with some advice from troll elders, and the support of his friends, Billy manages to lend a big helping hand when everything is put right at the end.

The Littlest Bridge Troll uses textured paper cut outs, perspective photographic bridge imagery along with elements from home and everyday life such as bedrooms, kitchens, studies, and back yards to create a distinct collage-mation style reality that is distinctive yet relatable to kids through its familiarity to their own lives.

Curriculum: helpfulness, honesty, and problem solving.   Kids want to help out and this is a show about ways they can and mistakes they might make on the way – if they were a troll child .   Everyone makes mistakes.   The Littlest Bridge Troll teaches children that mistakes made when trying new things are a part of life and that there are lessons to be drawn out of them.

Honesty, support and problem solving all help children, trolls and humans, deal with the mistakes that happen every day.




For more information about this show, 
contact: Tim Tyler – Producer   

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