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A rivalry between competing Houses of Horrors reveals a frightful plot to turn people into monsters and make every day into Halloween.

1 x 48 minute animated
Genre: Family / Adventure / Halloween
In development with the support of TELETOON Canada Inc.
and SaskFilm

Halloween approaches and crowds stream in to see the Side Show’s Halloween House of Horror, Jason’s Shanks latest brainchild and blockbuster event. Sandwell Shanks couldn’t be happier, or prouder of his son’s success... and the money it brings. However, the tide of triumph evaporates when Creep-tacular competition moves in next door: the Scare Factory, a labyrinthine haunted house dedicated to terrifying and frightening (all in good fun... of curse... uhm of course). The new attraction creates a huge following, stealing most of the Side Show’s customers.

When Sandwell receives a visit from the rival show’s owner, VICTORIA HOGGLE and her frighteningly perfect son, CHAD, the slippery side show owner decides to beat Victoria at her own scare game. He schemes to kick the frights at his Side Show up a notch. Unfortunately his plan falls apart, apparently sabotaged. And to make matters worse, Marvin the Magnificent, one of the star attractions, disappears. Concerned that someone at the Scare Factory might be responsible for Marvin’s disappearance and the Side Show mishaps, Jason and Beth investigate the rival fright fest. At the Scare Factory, Chad Hoggle turns Beth’s head (much to Jason’s irritation) and gets in the way of any real detective work. No longer on speaking terms, Jason and Beth return to the side show to make a horrifying discovery: the strong man, Kobalt, has gone missing too!

When Beth goes on a date with Chad, Jason recruits the remaining Side Show acts to make an unauthorized midnight visit to the Scare Factory and uncover a gruesome plot: all of the frightening acts are in fact regular people who have been transformed into monsters. Even Side Show acts, Marvin and Kobalt have been grossly misshapen to join the macabre ranks of the Scare Factory. When Beth learns the truth she rejoins Jason and together they face twists and turns along with deadly monster-transforming madness. They ultimately expose the perpetrator of the ghoulish plot, who wishes to create a series of Scare Factory Franchises ready roll out across the world, changing regular folk into scare-inducing creatures, and turning Halloween into a year long event. By depending on each other, Jason and Beth overcome all obstacles, sidetrack the fiendish franchise and turn the Side Show acts back to “normal.” After all... the show must go on!



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