Cheshire Smile Animation Inc.

Cheshire Smile produces and executive produces original entertainment for film, television, and digital distribution models with investments from National, Provincial and Private Canadian funding sources.

In 2020, Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. celebrated 20 years in the business of making original animated productions that “create smiles in the world” by undertaking in the design and launch of an all new brand, visual identity and web site.

Cheshire Smile attracted financial support from Creative Saskatchewan, The Market and Export Development grant is designed to help creative entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan with the costs of marketing a product and or a business. Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. is thankful for the support of Creative Saskatchewan and has used funds from this grant to pay in part for the creation of a new visual identity and web site.

Cheshire Smile’s new brand and visual identity (logo, business cards, and website) was developed by the talented team at Emerald Create. Emerald is a UK-based creative company specializing in Design and Branding for global Kid’s Entertainment.

Cheshire Smile’s new web site was produced by Lesia Design and Digital. a web design agency that specializes in UX design and to create mobile responsive websites, accessible on any screen or device.

Visit to view the new Cheshire Smile web site and check out the all new brand and visual identity.


Robotik Show Poster The Side Show Christmas Space Stretch Show Poster


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