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Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of the Spanish version of Robotik on Vme Kids, a channel dedicated to providing educational content for preschool-aged Hispanic and Latino Americans. Robotik is a show that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and girl power, featuring the adventures of Beka and her loyal dog-bot Bubo at the Robotik Lab.

At Cheshire Smile Animation Inc., our mission is to create smiles that capture the imagination and touch the hearts of children and families alike. Robotik is a perfect example of this, as it not only entertains but also teaches important life skills and values. Through observation, experimentation, and plenty of smiles, each episode of Robotik builds analytical skills that will benefit children for years to come.

We believe that animation has the power to spread joy and positivity, and we are proud to bring the world of Robotik to Vme Kids. Join Beka and Bubo on their exciting adventures and let their stories inspire you to make a difference in your own world. Watch the Spanish version of Robotik on Vme Kids and experience the magic of storytelling that creates smiles in the hearts of children and families.

Robotik Themesong in Spanish on VME Kids

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