FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 23, 2019 (Saskatoon, SK) – Local production company, Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. (producer of Space Stretch and Quizzine), is proud to announce the launch of an all new pre-school children’s TV series. The 42 episode series has a non-verbal 2.5 minute animated format, and is titled ‘RoBOTiK’ for French audiences and ‘BotShop with BeKa and BuBo’ for English audiences. It was entirely created in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and will air across Canada beginning in June 2020 on both ICI Radio Canada Télé and TV French Ontario. Cheshire Smile is also currently in talks with a number of international broadcasters who are interested in airing the program in their countries.

RoBOTiK | BotShop with BeKa and BuBo chronicles the moxy, pluck, and creativity of the heroine BeKa and her dog BuBo. They make their world a better place, and have a ton of fun on the way. The show combines physical stop motion style settings with 3D animation and an original non-verbal communication style.


“In the land of MotherBoard (MoBo), a colourful place where roBOTs live, work, and play, there is a BOTshop where BeKa and her dog BuBo are visited every day by roBOTs who arrive seeking change and leave with a SMILE. The roBOTs who come to the BotSHOP require one-of-a kind fixUPs, and BeKa, with BuBo at her side, is the HERO who delivers. A robot and her dog keep her friends tuned up!”

– Neil Greening, Writer and Director


“The magic in this work is the way we’re able to connect this simple human story of being a young child in a way that resonates with children across Canada and hopefully with children all around the world too. “

– Tim Tyler, Producer and Editor


Cheshire Smile is currently in its 12th month of production of the series. This has been a significant job creator in Saskatoon resulting in approximately 100 weeks of full time employment and $100,000 in wages paid to the animation crew alone to date. This organically filters out into the community in a variety of ways.

RoBOTiK / BotShop is the third preschool television series Cheshire Smile has created and produced since the end of the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit. Cheshire Smile has sold programming into Korea, France, Brazil, South Africa. RoBOTiK / BotShop’s initial funding came from Creative Saskatchewan which opened doors to attract more funding from Bell Fund and Canada Media Fund.

ABOUT CHESHIRE SMILE: Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. (CSAI) is a Saskatoon based company with a mission to engage and inspire children through the creation, production, and distribution of original branded entertainment properties. The purpose of CSAI is make stories in Saskatchewan that can spread one billion smiles around theworld. Recent television productions include: Quizzine (2015-16) which currently airs in Canada on City SK and TVO and in Korea on CJ, Space Stretch (2013-14), and the Side Show Christmas (2008) which has aired nationally on TELETOON Canada and in France, Brazil, and South Africa.

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